Hello World!

Ahoy! suppose you like to play minecraft? http://minecraft.brandonginn.net *soon*

or how about some local weather? click me!

So, you have seen an open wifi connection with the SSID pointing you to this website.. You might be wondering why I would do that! Well, After finding a power supply for the extra router that I've had sitting around I can finally set it up for people local to carrollton village (and my apartment) to connect to for various local activities like playing games (minecraft) and other activities and resources that i've not yet thought of. If there is something you would like to see implemented, send me an email at brandon@brandonginn.net and I will see what I can do.

Well.. this seems like it will be more involved than I had previously suspected...I'm still looking for a way to have a mini internet that won't interfere with my real internet connection. I'd like to be able to have things like news and weather and a minecraft server (and maybe other games).. its just going to take a little bit
of time for me to research how I can do it. (Sun, July 6, 2014)